Saturday, May 5, 2012

White House Illustration Vector


For this project my goal was to create a full vector illustration of an architectural piece. I chose the most iconic piece of architecture of the American culture. The Whitehouse has been a symbol for this country's patriotic roots since its construction on October 13, 1792 (219 years ago). This particular image is of a nightscene of the white house. I decided to do one with a different lighting to make it more interesting. I tried my best to capture all of the details. Ive attached a larger image file so you can zoom in.

Typography project

For this project my goal was to create a self portrait using words, aka a typography. I used 3 different images of myself. The top one I used only enlarged characters. Second was using lines to write Words on. And third focused on value. Having different values of characters to create an over all image.

Logo Project

For this project I had to create a logo in Illustrator and create documents for it ex: Businesscard, Letter and black and white editions. This project was for a local nonprofit company focusing on rescuing dogs from killshelters and moving them to good homes.

Website Redesign Southwest Affinity

For this Project my goal was to take a website and redesign it. The website redesigned was . The color scheme was built off the image with a lot of purple in it. I added a nice background of a western type as a nice texture for the background.

Dreamscape Project- Otherworld

For this project my goal was to gather images to create a dreamscape image. My main inspiration for this Dreamscape is my vision on how it would be as if we were living on a different planet. I once had a dream similar to this. You can see planets up and close, like how we see the moon today. I added (if you look closely) rockets coming from the decaying planet. This shows the civilization moving from planet to planet looking for hospitable land. I tried to put stuff that I remembered from my dream into this project. It was very interesting and fun to do.

Magazine Project

For this Project my goal was to create a fictional magazine. My inspiration for the creation was Envy. I used green to better represent Envy and found a model to edit. I zoomed up real close to her lips and cropped the image to a nice pose. I created the green lips from from a different image and edited the colors and shape to create a brand new lips that reads jealousy. Mashed up a few titles and added a barcode to finish the magazine.